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Angela Williams Design

Angela Williams Design

Interior Design and Landscaping

(626) 644-6667



Monday – Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 12:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday closed


1220 N. Arroyo Blvd Pasadena, CA 91103

Meet Angela, the designer

My training as a fine artist is the foundation for all of my interior design and landscape design projects. For more than three decades I have worked outside and in the garden using the shapes, colors, fragrances and textures of plants to construct living "paintings" for my clients. Add a carefully selected combination of water, stone, lighting or furniture to these and you have all of the ingredients for a truly transformative space.

Over the last twenty years, I have moved inside also, to cultivate comfort and color in the homes where people live and grow. I have helped clients across the Los Angeles Basin translate their intuition about what "home" is into a pleasurable and comforting reality.


Interior Design

Crafting personalized spaces using mindfulness to create spaces that bring, peace, tranquility and cohesive high design to every space. We curate everything in the room down to the coffee table books.

Landscape designer

Curating custom outdoor living spaces that express the personality and aesthetic of each property owner.

Twirling Consultations

Need to change the energy in your space but not ready for a full redesign? Consider twirling. We consult on your current space and rearrange or repurpose your current pieces to create a well crafted room.